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Nicole Edwards

Co-host, Investigative Journalist, Producer

Nicole Edwards is a freelance  journalist based in Toronto who covers health, gender, race, and culture.

Nicole spent several years island-hopping as Contributing Editor and Associate Publisher of a luxury advertorial publication called Private Islands Magazine. She also worked on HGTV’s Island Hunters, and in her spare time, writes about lifestyle and city happenings for local blogs. Recently, Nicole earned her Master’s degree in Journalism at Ryerson University. She focused on audio production, and strategies compelling, multi-platform storytelling. Since then, Nicole has worked on several independent shows, and contributed to outlets like NOW magazine and TVO.

When she’s not running around with a mic, Nicole is cycling, planning trips, volunteering with health causes, or seeing a comedy show.

Melissa Corcoran


Melissa has worked in community mental health for 11 years at all levels of governance and frontline clinical and peer support work. She has a Masters in Education in Counselling Psychology and is enthusiastic and driven to co-create equitable social change by cultivating hope, compassion, and empowerment. She is in love with nature, plays lots of sports, meditates and explores multicultural art, history and literature!

Mark Freeman

Co-host, Producer, Editor

After recovering from a bunch of mental illness diagnoses, Mark began creating tools and sharing supports to help others with sustaining the complex changes necessary for recovery from mental illness. He is the author of You Are Not a Rock: A Step-by-Step Guide to Better Mental Health (for Humans). He has been a Stanford Medicine X ePatient Scholar, recipient of a Society for Medical Decision Making patient scholarship, and a member of Health Quality Ontario’s quality standards advisory committee for anxiety disorders and OCD. He is the former Executive Director of the Self-Help Resource Centre, is spending his summer working on his next book about addiction and change (when he’s not podcasting), and he looks forward to us wrapping up all of these outdated mental health system issues so he can move on to writing his epic cyborg pirate romance novel series. 

Connect with Mark on Instagram for regular mental health Q&As. Send him your dog photos on Twitter. And head over to the EVERYBODY HAS A BRAIN YouTube channel for videos on recovery skills. Visit his website for speaking and all other inquiries.

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