Episode 2 – Reality Orientation

Perhaps the previous involuntary hold at Mt. Sinai that summer will shed some light on the incidents we covered in Episode 1. That previous experience actually began with a voluntary admission on Melissa’s part. But “voluntary” had a very different meaning to the hospital.


Episode 1: Involuntary Status

When Melissa posts on Facebook that she’s being held unnecessarily on Mt Sinai’s psychiatric ward, 9 South, it begins a journey into the modern mental healthcare system to uncover how the f*ck this is possible?! In this episode, we’ll try to figure out why Melissa was held against her will and force-injected with sedatives at CAMH, we’ll talk to a psychiatric nurse about handling violence, and we’ll venture into the Kafkaesque world of Consent & Capacity Board hearings where people argue over whether you’re sane or not.

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